NOTE: I have received information that has changed the time-series correlation of the county and state data. The state data from NYT in almost all states now *leads* the county data, which is explainable if the state is getting precint-level reports before the county does. This issue must be studied further before final findings are released. The Lone Raccoon apologizes for any inconvenience its prelimianary findings may have caused.

This analysis uses election night (and after) reporting from counties and states to the New York Times through Edison Research.

"Ratio" is the ratio, at any point in time, of the Trump vote total to the Biden vote total. The stellar research of Draza Smith (@LadyDraza on Telegram) has identified this ratio as the critical statistic used by the fraud algorithm to steer each state to its predetermined setpoint.

The Orange Vertical bar is the time that Florida was called for Donald Trump. Many states show very unusual activity after this point, as this seems to be the point when those committing the fraud needed to radically adjust their plan.

The purple vertical bar is always the time that the state was called by the NYT.

The fuscia (hot pink) vertical bar is the time of the Edison Zero point for the state. (Lady Draza picked the color)

Each state will show a "plunge" to zero at some point in the State NYT reporting. We call this the "Edison Zero", and it seems to have been a reset signal to the controller. There is often very odd activity shortly after the Edison Zero point.

The totals under "State (County Sum)" are derived by adding up all of the county reporting received by the date and time listed. The totals under "State (NYT Reporting)" are from the actual state updates available on the New York Times site.

Click on any type of data in the legend to turn "on" or "off" components of the graph to hone in on specific anomalies. You can run your mouse cursor over any line to view the actual data of every point. There are some presets to get you started with some common comparisons.

By default, all charts are displayed by reporting interval. There is now an option to check the "linear" box which will cause the chart to be displayed in actual linear time. You will want to restrict the start and end dates to view early changes to the vote counts and ratios. By default, an end date of the 7th of November is applied, but can be changed via the date dropdowns.

Please contact Jeff O'Donnell (@MagaRaccoon on telegram) to report any bugs, ask any questions, or make any suggestions for improvement. You can see his other election-based findings and utilities at

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